Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus)

Davao, Philippines 

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The best part of the day is when you and me becomes we. Will you marry me?

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Golden Hour + Bicycles

Flower crown for doing a full turn! Congrats, dude. :)

Proposals for the last History of Art plate: Iconic Consumer Goods

I really adore that low poly/geometric bunny (Ignetic by Maria Gorlund) that’s why I made it as an inspiration for the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon shirt design. 8-bit Starry Night’s from Redbubble

Glitches of Technology


*Walked from school to a little bit farther from Cabancalan-Talamban intersection
*Walked from Country Mall to Cebu Home Builders (A.S. Fortuna) + stopped by a pet shop because Beagle ang Golden Ret + drizzle
*Walked from Paradise to Banilad Trade Center + rain

We did all that for gypsum powder. It’ll be used for a plate, and may all our efforts be worth it.

Sneak peak of summer. Three weeks more.


Anything can happen.

Some time in February, Gayle Forman had a book signing event in Cebu. I almost never had a book signed because I didn’t have a book in the first place (I like the first JOD cover more than the new one). Luckily, I spotted the very last stock with the original cover (read: instabroke huhu)! And the excitement began hihihi. She did what I asked her and raised her arms with me after she signed my book!


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Hong Kong 2012

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